Jedi Training: The Light in Men.

March 23rd

Week Twelve Day Five
of Jedi Training Begins.
Today’s focus?
Spirit in Men.

At some point in their life,
men may switch
from ego,
to Spirit.

From the importance of money
to the importance of

From physical
and mental pleasure
to pleasure
of family.

From adventure
and achievement,
into the importance of

From respect they believe they deserve
into a desire to serve…
The Force, God,
or Spirit.

3 23 2017 bottom pic.png

At his father’s request, Luke removed Darth Vader’s helmet from Anakin’s head, allowing the former Sith Lord to look upon his son with his own eyes for the first and last time. In his final moments, Anakin comforted Luke, reminding his son that there was always good in him—just as Luke had believed. Anakin passed away,[1] and his body disappeared as he became one with the Force.[5] – Taken from:

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