Jedi Training: Girls aligned with The Force

March 25th

Week Twelve Day Seven
of Jedi Training Begins.
Today’s focus?
Spirit in Women.

At some point in their life,
women may switch
from ego,
to Spirit.

The need to fit in and compare,
which often leads to jealousy,
to the need for self-growth
which leads to self-esteem.
that no one else can give her,
for it comes from within.

So she then gives up
the demand for attention,
to focus on forgiveness—
first of self, then of others.

Instead of yearning for independence
she yearns for deep connections.
First with self, then family,
then others.

And rather than relying upon
someone else to take care of her needs,
She relies on Force relationship,
who leaves her wanting not.

3 25 2017 bottom pic

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