Jedi Training: Relationship over Lust

April 7th

Week Fifteen Day Two
of Jedi Training Begins.
This months focus?
Sensing the Force.

This week’s focus?
Knowing the Force,
The Light,
From the Dark side.

Just as it is easy to be angry
so too is it easy to lust,
but you can either add fuel to the fire,
or focus it into drive.

An idol mind
is the dark side’s playground,
at least that is what I am told.

Yet a busy man,
or woman,
who keeps themselves
physically and mentally fit,

can turn lust into love
if they practice and try
to put a face upon it.

For the dark side treats people as objects
where the Force as sisters and brothers,
and if we keep this in mind,
we’ll have more respect and love for each other.

4 8 2017 JP

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