Jedi Training – Trust is like a flower…

April 17th

Week Sixteen Day Four
of Jedi Training Begins.
This months focus?
Sensing the Force.

This week’s focus?
Trusting the Force,
how to build it.

The third thing you need to know
how to build trust with people,
and the Force
is not to take your relationships
for granted.

Trust is like a flower
it blooms when it has all it needs.

Clarity and Honesty
the warm sun
encouraging it to open and follow.

Attention and time
refreshing rain.

Mutual learning and understanding
the nutrients it needs to grow.

You both are the gardener.
You are both the flower which says,
“we are in this together.”

I don’t just call on you,
or look upon you when I need.
I make sure
you are well taken care of.

4 17 2017 JP bottom pic

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