Jedi Training: No Broken Bucket

May 2nd

Week Eighteen Day Seven
of Jedi Training Begins.
This months focus?
How to become
open minded.

This week’s focus?
Building Belief,
by making sure
your bucket
is not

In order to catch
secretes and gifts
that the Force
pours out.

You must make sure
that your bucket,
your body,
your mind,
your emotions
are not

For if they are,
the gifts will

So if you are a broken bucket,
give your body, mind, and emotions
what they need to be repaired.

5 3 2017 JP bottom pic

Just as a broken bucket

can not be cleaned with dirt

and tools that will keep on cutting it,

so too can a body, mind, and emotions,

not be cleaned or repaired

by negative thoughts and emotions.

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