Team Building

May 20th

Week Twenty One Day Two
of Jedi Training Begins.
This months focus?
Remembering and
Rebuilding your team.

Back in January we did consider
four valuable, key team members:

The counselor
someone wise you can trust,
to guide you through life’s tough decisions
is a must.

The challenger
doesn’t always have to be a foe
it could be someone close to you
that you do know.

Someone who pushes you
throughout all your quests,
and never settles for second best.

And while you are on life’s tough trials,
you need someone to cheer you on
each and every mile.

And when the day
of tough challenges is through,
you need someone who will be there
to help take care of you.

before you go out into the world
to do good deeds,
make sure your team is complete
for they will help you lead.

5 20 2017 JP bottom pic

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