Jedi Acts of Kindness: Day 56 – Friendship Bread

July 18th

Week Twenty One Day Fifty-Six
Over the next 100 Days?
Random Acts of Kindness.

Today’s Act:
Make Friendship Bread
and give the starter
or bread

Friendship Bread PDF

Friendship Bread
The Story of Sourdough

Once upon a time,
in a land far, far away
there was a bread
that made
and given away.

Some thing started
back in Egyptian ancient times
and was carried throughout
California gold mines.

Sour dough,
this bread is called
because before it is made
with flour and balled…

into dough,
it must ferment.
To let yeast come from the air
into the mix to supplement

to add texture
and a slight sour flavor
so when baked
your mouth can savor

And because it’s a starter,
it can be passed on
and for years and years
it can live on.

But if it is pink, or orange
or smells really bad
throw it out,
don’t make your stomach mad.

But if it is white,
cream or a bit brown,
it is fine,
just stir it around.

And if you want,
turn it into friendship bread,
share it with a neighbor
and let the goodness spread!

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